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7 Revolutionary Classic Movies That Will Make You Emotional
7 Revolutionary Classic Movies That Will Make You Emotional

7 Revolutionary Classic Movies That Will Make You Emotional

Classic Movies are the ones that leave a deep impact on your life. You don’t need to watch the latest blockbuster movies from Hollywood. You can find real satisfaction in classic movies, such as those from your childhood or early cinematic masterpieces.

The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

The Bridges of Madison County (1995) Official Trailer – Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood

Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood

Francesca Johnson (Meryl Steep) seems set for the future, but then she encounters an unexpected turn in her path that forces her to question all she has ever believed about life. Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood), her husband, and her children are at the Illinois State Fair during the summer 1965. He turns into the Johnson farm and asks Francesca directions to Roseman Bridge. Francesca learns later that he was visiting Iowa as part of a National Geographic Magazine assignment. He is initially reluctant to meet her, but she eventually agrees to let him see the bridges. She then talks about her life as a war-bride from Italy. This sets the tone for the bittersweet and brief romance that follows. She writes about the four-day affair that took up three journals. It was a painful experience to be separated from her secret lover and she is feeling isolated as her life details consume her. After Francesca’s will was reviewed by a lawyer, her children found the journals. The contents of Francesca’s bedroom contained Robert’s and her things. They take the diary’s message as a reminder to think about what it is that you need to do in order to live a happy life. The children learn that Robert Kincaid’s cremated remains had been scattered off Roseman Bridge. Their mother also requested that her ashes be scattered off Roseman Bridge. They must then decide whether to honor their mother or go ahead with the funeral as planned by the family. This is the story of a special relationship that can only happen once in a lifetime if one is lucky.

A Perfect World (1993)

A Perfect World – Theatrical Trailer

Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood

This movie will touch your soul. It’s a story about a boy and a man. Kevin Costner, a man, escapes from prison with Keith Szarabajka (a woman he doesn’t like). They kidnap a young boy (T.J. Lowther) after they escape. This isn’t a straightforward kidnapping story, as many people would expect. There are bloodshed and violence involved. He describes himself as not being a good man but not the worst. The boy lives with his mother and two sisters. He follows the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which prohibits him from celebrating Christmas and Halloween. The man allows the boy to choose the games he likes, but he also tells him what is right and wrong. He encourages the boy to be independent and to make his own decisions.

Out of Africa (1985)

Out of Africa Official Trailer – Robert Redford, Meryl Streep Movie

Robert Redford, Meryl Streep

Karen Blixen is a Danish woman who marries a friend to earn the title of Baroness. They move to Africa where they start a coffee plantation. Things get complicated when her husband cheats on her. He is away for business frequently so she stays at home and works on the farm alone. She also bonds with two African men she met on her first day in Africa. She falls in love with Denys Finch Hatton, and they go on safaris and other adventures together. She later wants more than just friendship and relationship and pushes for marriage. But Denys still wants his liberty. She has a better understanding of and respect for African culture by the end than she did when she arrived.

The Hours (2002)

The Hours (2002) Official Trailer

Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep

“The Hours” is about the concept of time. Time can be used to make our lives more enjoyable or to cause us to live in misery. Three women live there, which may explain why half of the movie-goers (the men) don’t want to see it. It also might explain why it wasn’t in Ebert and Roeper’s Top 10 films. It will be a shame if that is the case. “The Hours” is an exquisitely crafted film that explores universal themes such as life and death and suppression and freedom. It also addresses unresolved relationships. Its appeal should not be diminished by the fact that it is told through three women’s eyes.
Virginia Woolf must fight her mental illness throughout her life, even though her husband Leonard attempts to manage it. The novel “Mrs. Dalloway film depicts the pain of loneliness and melancholy felt by two women directly related to the novel. We met Laura and Dan in 1951. They would make the perfect parents for their son. Laura longs for freedom, just as Mrs. Dalloway. She must decide between her family and dying. Moving to 2001 and Claire is a second Mrs. Dalloway. She has a hardened responsibility for Richard, her ex-love, who is now dying from AIDS. All three women are fascinated by the themes of freedom, lesbianism, and dying. One does die so that others might appreciate the living more. Three of the most talented actresses you will find to portray these complex characters are Julianne Moore, Meryl Steep, and Nicole Kidman. All three should be nominated. The supporting cast, which includes John Reilly, Stephen Dillane, and Claire Danes, is equally impressive and makes “The Hours” one of the most intelligent and interesting melodramas ever.

Far from Heaven (2002)

Far From Heaven | Original Trailer

Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert

Cathy is a perfect 50s housewife. She has healthy children, a successful husband, and social standing. One night, she accidentally bumps into Frank, her husband, kissing another man. Her tidy life starts to unravel. She finds comfort in Raymond, their African-American gardener. This is a taboo relationship which leads to further destruction of her life. Cathy and Frank struggled to keep their marriage afloat. However, Frank’s homosexuality and her feelings for Raymond opened a new chapter in their lives.

The End of the Affair (1999)

The End Of The Affair (1999) Trailer

Julianne Moore, Ralph Fiennes, Stephen Rea, Ian Hart

1946 London. Maurice Bendrix, a novelist, meets Henry Miles, a mild-mannered minister to the government. He hasn’t seen Henry in over two years. Henry Miles and Sarah Miles were neighbors on the Common in 1939. Maurice used Henry’s idea of Henry to research a character for his novel. Their last encounter was when Sarah abruptly ended her relationship with Maurice. Henry did not know of the affair. At least, this meeting brings Maurice back to Miles’ domain and allows him to see Sarah again. Henry is equally dismayed that Maurice believes Sarah is having an affair. Maurice is still in love with Sarah, and the deeper reason for his dismay is that Sarah has professed her eternal affection for Henry while they were together. She also made a vow to him that she would never have an affair with anyone else. Their marriage, although one of emotional need, was not one of romance or sex. Maurice uses a detective agency to find out the truth about Henry’s affair. Maurice will discover the truth about Sarah’s actions and determine if she was faithful to her promise of eternal love and sexual faithfulness.

A Room with a View (1985)


Maggie Smith, Denholm Elliott, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench and Simon Callow 

Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter), and Charlotte Bartlett (Dame Maggie Smith), find themselves in Florence with no view rooms. Luckily, Mr. Emerson (Denholm Elliot) and his son George (Julian Sands), step in to fix the situation. Lucy’s relationship with the Emersons could make a huge difference in her life, but how will her experience in Tuscany impact her marriage plans once she is back in England?

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