A few Classic Film Bloggers have requested a Classic Movie Search widget for their sites. Well, I found one, right under my nose of course, so I can now direct you over to the code.

The documentation is a little unclear, but for fullest possible disclosure I do want you to know that the Google AdSense ads being served are linked to my AdSense account (I think)–in other words I get paid if your users click on them, though I think I have to split whatever I get with Google (like I said, the documentation left a lot to be desired).

Also, this is going to open in a new window on your site. This is the default and from what I’ve gathered so far the only way the Search Widget is offered.

It’s going to work like this, though you can adjust the size and appearance on the page where you get the code:


The Classic Movie Search Results will be exactly the same as they are on this site.

Here’s how the Classic Movie Search page looks in Google’s Gadget Index.

You can click “Add this search engine to your blog or webpage” at the bottom of that page to customize code (size, colors) for your site.