The Story of Temple Drake Found! on TCM Wednesday at 8pm

Sep 12 2011

Major DVR alert for Wednesday night, September 14, at 8 pm EST on TCM – the racy and rare pre-code The Story of Temple Drake (1933) starring Miriam Hopkins is premieres on TCM as one of Robert Osborne’s picks.

I caught this one a little over a year ago resorting to watching it on YouTube and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a copy ever since. Below I went searching in our Classic Movie Search Engine and found five posts dedicated to Drake, a movie based on one of the few William Faulkner novels I’ve ever read, Sanctuary.

Miriam Hopkins 1930s Tobacco Card

The star of The Story of Temple Drake, Miriam Hopkins, pictured with a cigarette in hand on a 1930's Garbaty tobacco card from Germany, one of the most beautiful and in-demand sets of tobacco cards.



  • Obscure Classics references Miriam Hopkins’ “carefree, promiscuous behavior” in their review of The Story of Temple Drake
  • Boiling Sand mentions that The Story of Temple Drake “was so scandalous that the Production Code demanded it never be screened again.”
  • The Hollywood Revue catalogs some of the sin found in The Story of Temple Drake: “a loose woman, gangsters, murder, and violence against women,” just to name a few!
  • Classic Movies Digest calls The Story of Temple Drake “a pre-code masterpiece … truly one of the most adult films of the era”
  • Jack La Rue – Sexual Outlaw is Shadowplay’s look at The Story of Temple Drake, which it refers to as a “pre-code smut-holocaust”

If you’re a fan of pre-code cinema you cannot miss this movie!

Jack La Rue 1930s Real Photo Postcard

Watch out for Jack La Rue's Trigger in The Story of Temple Drake

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