The Razor’s Edge (1946) Found! on TCM Wednesday at 8pm

Oct 24 2011

I wanted to get this out by Tuesday for readers in the US and Canada to give a heads-up that 20th Century-Fox’s The Razor’s Edge (1946) is airing on TCM this Wednesday night, October 26, at 8 pm EST. Again, this is a Fox film, so while it shows up sometimes on Fox Movie Channel this is being listed as its Turner Classic Movies premeire.

As soon as I received my October Now Playing Guide and noticed that TCM was playing The Razor’s Edge this month I got to work. This is one of my favorite movies ever and I wanted an article up on my site before TCM aired it. I just posted that up yesterday, so please check out The Razor’s Edge on Immortal Ephemera. After getting that all out of my head I thought it’d be nice to use this site to see what others have posted about this beautiful movie in recent years.

To that effect we’ll go finding inside the Search just under this vintage image of underrated Razor’s Edge star Gene Tierney. Tierney is shown on a printed paper premium photo issued as part of a mail-away set by Motion Picture Magazine in 1946 … the same year that The Razor’s Edge was released:

Gene Tierney 1946 Motion Picture Magazine Premium Photo



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