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Aluminum Alloys, Inc...a Leader in Aluminum Castings Production . More than 51 years of excellence in customer service and product superiority are characteristics of this company’s dedication to the perfection of the aluminum sand castings they produce.Roto-Lift Molding · Large, Complex Castings · Capabilities · Contact · Advantages · Automatic Molding

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Aluminum sand casting alloy 771 offers high strength and shock resistance without the need for heat treatment. The 771 aluminum alloy offers good castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance. The 771 aluminum alloy offers good castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance.

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ZP Aluminum is one of the leading and professional custom aluminum sand casting alloys foundry manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the customized service and timely delivery. Welcome to buy our durable aluminum product which caters to your requirement.

300 Series Aluminum Sand Casting Alloys

300 Series Aluminum Sand Casting Alloys. Our aluminum sand foundry pours many of the 300 series aluminum alloys. These include the 355, 356, and A356 aluminum alloys which are excellent for pressure type applications such as air flow pipes and elbows, liquid flow pipes and elbows, housings and gearboxes. The high fluidity of these aluminum alloys also lends themselves to thin wall aluminum ...

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The alloys that are highlighted are the preferred metal casting alloys for the sand casting and plaster casting processes. The other alloys can only be used after reviewing the part geometry and performing FEA analysis of the casting process.

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We Serve All Industries. Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co. is the leading provider of aluminum and magnesium sand casting services. Since our inception in 1946, we’ve consistently delivered superior surface finishes in sand castings to clients in many different fields, including aerospace, agriculture, construction, and the military.

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lbfoundry› Sand CastingsThe light weight of aluminum, the improved strength that engineered alloys offer, and the increased ability of the sand casting process to produce stronger and thinner walled parts allows us to produce a variety of castings for our customers ranging in size from 1 ounce up to 600 pounds.

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12 rows· From investment casting to sand casting, view our useful chart by visiting here. Skip to …ALLOYNOTESA319Used to simulate the heat transfer rates of die-cast A380A355Rarely used, but is still supportedA356Most common gravity cast alloy of aluminum. With a T6 temper, the mechanical properties ar…A357Stronger than A356. Best gravity cast aluminum for parts where strength is a concernSee all 12 rows on protcast

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lbfoundry› Sand Castings› Aluminum Sand CastingsA/356 Aluminum Sand Castings. Aluminum alloy A356.0 and 356.0 are a 7% Si, 0.3% Mg alloy with 0.2 Fe (max) and 0.10 Zn (max). The alloys have very good casting and machining characteristics.

Sand Casting of Certified Aluminum Alloys

Sand cast aluminum alloy A356 has higher strength and ductility than 356 because the levels of impurities are lower in the A356 aluminum alloy. A356 aluminum castings cost a little more but are great for machine parts, chassis parts, along with other structural parts requiring high strength or pressure tightness.

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ZP Aluminum is one of the leading and professional custom sand casting aluminum alloys manufacturer in china manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the customized service and timely delivery. Welcome to buy our durable aluminum product which caters to your requirement.

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Alloys We specialize in sand casting with 356, 319 and 535 (also known as AL-Mag) aluminum, and 421 yellow brass, or Manganese Bronze, melted in natural gas-fired crucibles. We flux and de-gas with argon to ensure we supply the highest-quality castings.

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lbfoundry› Sand CastingsSand mold casting is the most direct and low cost means of converting metal into a desired shape. Aluminum castings are virtually unlimited in their ability to …

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Ours is a small scale industry manufacturing Aluminium and other Non – ferrous alloy castings like Brass, Gun metal, Aluminium Bronze, phosphor bronze, Leaded bronze, Mazak and lead castings. We have our own pattern making and die making shop.

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Aluminum Sand Casting. Aluminum sand casting is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material. Sand castings typically have a higher piece price than permanent mold aluminum castings, but lower tooling price.Primary alloys poured in our aluminum foundry include aluminum silicon (300 series). 319, 356, A356. Hunter 20 (20x24)

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Aluminum alloy is a popular and sensible choice for metal casting. To view aluminum sand casting properties and other information, visit here.

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Our specialized knowledge enables us to meet customer needs for aluminum sand castings requiring up to seven cores. Additionally, we have the know how to handle your production requirements for the numerous manufacturing processes referenced above.

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Thomas Non-Ferrous Alloys, Inc., . family owned and operated, has a proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship. We specialize in short and medium production run orders ranging in size. In addition to our casting foundry capabilities, we provide in-house machining, pattern tooling, design assistance, heat treat, and other value added services.

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At Cast Rite Metal, we can help you choose the correct aluminum alloy based on your application, to maximize strength, durability and product life span of your aluminum sand castings. Cast Rite Metal Company works with a variety of different aluminum alloys to …

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Secondary aluminum alloys are derived from mixing and melting pure aluminum with other materials such as magnesium, iron, and copper. The use of pure aluminum in casting is quite rare due to the cost of extraction.

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Aluminum sand casting is the right choice for products that require hollow cavities and complex, unique arrangements of voids, shapes and ribs. Aluminum sand castings can be supplied in sizes from fractions of an ounce to 400 pounds; from 3/8 inch to 120 inches in width or length; and from one piece to tens of thousands of units.

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Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Castings. Aluminum is best known for its lightweight characteristics. It is most widely used in the form of alloys which also contain varying quantities of other elements such as iron, manganese, magnesium, silicon, copper and zinc.

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The History of Aluminum Sand Casting in Dongrun. Aluminum Sand casting is traditional casting process in China, it is major inventions of ancient China, it is important as China's four great inventions. The sand cast process originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, about 1600 years ago.. Our aluminum foundry is set up in 1995 year. First, we only have green sand casting process, then ...

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