Post-Irene Classic Links and SUTS Wrap-Up

Sep 03 2011

Well, we almost made it! 31 days of TCM Summer Under the Stars programming and I did complete a post for each and every one of their days and stars, however; the passing Hurricane caused me to cheat you a little at the very end.

Here on Long Island Irene was at her nastiest between 1 and 4 late that Saturday night. I know, because I was hunched over my laptop racing to schedule the last few posts in advance of the coming power outage. I had to cut corners and chose to forgo the biggest expense of time here at Classic Movie Search: my finding the relevant links for you. Hopefully you used the classic movie search engine yourself to find some goodies those days!

All in all I think Classic Movie Search did pretty good in August. The site has received a little jump as I had hoped and now we’ll slide into a more leisurely but regular schedule (the goal is 3 posts per week).

Today we don’t have a focused theme, but instead a round-up of links I found to some of my favorite classic movie related articles that went up while I was in the dark. I spent a couple of hours in Google Reader last night and the posts you’ll find linked to below are those I clicked the Like button on–if a site is in my Reader, it’s also in the Search here.

I’m also going to try something today that I hadn’t done previously–open up the comments section.

I’ve been worried that due to the nature of this site I’d be filled with spam and requests for inclusion that worked around the submission form. But I recently had the idea that if I do a Peter Lawford post, like I did during Summer Under the Stars, and I didn’t include your link, it can only help you, me, and most importantly, visitors to the Classic Movie Search that you come post your link. Let’s see how it goes.

Olivier Leigh 1939 Godfrey Phillips

Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh pictured in Fire Over England on a 1939 Godfrey Phillips Famous Love Scenes tobacco card



I was going to do a post-Irene round-up today anyway, but after reading that KC at Classic Movies will be taking the month off from her daily Classic Links I decided that it was an absolute must.

I don’t think KC understands what a kick we bloggers get from being included in her daily round-up, but it’s one of my own bigger blogging highs. Why? Well, she actually does post Classic Links every single day. She’s reading everything and sharing her favorites right from her own home turf. I’ve found countless sites through Classic Movies’ Classic Links posts and I hope a few of KC’s readers have found me there. So, KC, today’s post is dedicated to you!

  • Stacia at She Blogged By Night hosts a guest post by Ivan from Thrilling Days of Yesteryear about Madam Satan (1930), a flick Stacia calls “one of the essentials of WTF cinema,” and one now at the top of my own personal must see list!
  • I love a blog post that pulls in some period newspaper coverage! Java Bean Rush at The Amazing Deanna Durbin opens the archives to show us that Deanna Durbin’s 3rd Wedding Venue Is a Perfect Fit
  • Another post involving two favorite classic movie bloggers! I love the series Clara from Via Margutta 51 has been running called If I Had to Keep 4 — the 4 in question are often movie collectibles, which is right up my alley! Most recently Clara had Kendra from Viv and Larry over to share 4 of her most cherished possessions with readers
  • Rick at Classic Film and TV Cafe gains special mention for including Warren William’s Lone Wolf among his 5 Best “B” Movie DetectivesPS: Looks like WW as The Lone Wolf takes over Saturday mornings on TCM beginning in November
  • How do I know about TCM in November? Well, this is a slight stretch because I saw the link on Twitter last night, it’s not an Irene left-over from the Reader, but it’ll be there now: Laura at Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings gives us a Quick Preview of TCM in November
  • I love Caftan Woman’s site, her posts and her comments around the web (especially at my sites!). She borrows an idea from TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz with Caftan Woman’s Choice – One for September on TCM. Just one?! Even I had to pick 2 in her comments section!
Walter Huston 1933 Dixie Premium

The star of Caftan Woman's Choice, Walter Huston, on a 1933 Dixie Premium Photo, from the first year of Dixie Movie Premiums

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