Norma Shearer Found! Under the Stars August 12

Aug 11 2010

TCM Summer Under the Stars gives over 24 hour coverage to the work of Norma Shearer all day Thursday, August 12.

As I mentioned in my own post earlier today it’s a very well-rounded schedule mixed with silent titles, pre-code, and later costume dramas, all featuring Norma Shearer. I do agree with a comment I saw on the Out of the Past post referenced below, not including The Women (1939) is definitely an oversight on TCM’s part, but then again they do show that title quite often. Extra kudos to them for having the nerve to air a silent film in the 8 pm prime time slot!

A vintage 1930’s Norma Shearer tobacco card issued as part of one of the beautiful sets put out by Garbaty in Germany:

Norma Shearer



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