Ingrid Bergman Found! Under the Stars August 6

Aug 05 2010

After a few days I consider more contemporary than classic (excluding Ethel Barrymore, of course) TCM returns to a past more distant than myself today with 24 hour coverage of Ingrid Bergman all day Friday, August 6.

For the complete schedule be sure to check out TCM’s special Ingrid Bergman menu, for background and that little bit more you’ve found, where I’ve picked out a few of the best Bergman articles posted and published by classic movie writers, bloggers, and fans online. But first, our vintage Ingrid Bergman image …

A vintage 1940’s Ingrid Bergman postcard of anonymous issue which you can tell by the numbering was part of an overall larger set (the only other I had of this type was Montgomery Clift):

Ingrid Bergman postcard



  • From late last year at Classicfilmboy’s Movie Paradise, My Favorite Actresses #4 offers a personal look at some of Ingrid Bergman’s best work.
  • Even more personal is Guest Blogger Millie’s look at Ingrid Bergman on Silents and Talkies with a great Bergman sketch by Kate, a.k.a The Girl Behind the Blog, at the top of the post
  • Garbo Forever has an interesting page with quotes from Bergman about Greta Garbo
  • Last but not least, all Ingrid, all the time at Ingrid Bergman Life and Films, a Bergman-centric blog with nearly 200 posts

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