Welcome to the Classic Movie Search!

Why? Well, I do a lot of research when putting together some of my posts on Immortal Ephemera. For the more obscure stars I’ll often find myself 20 pages deep into Google with most of what I find beyond page 1 either useless or worse, unrelated. Shoot, I run a Warren William fan site too and you can imagine with a name that common how much junk I have sift through before I find anything interesting about my movie hero! So this is a custom Google Search Engine designed to filter out all of the junk. If you’re looking for info about Shirley Temple you shouldn’t have to wade through a bunch of drink recipes!

How? I’ve started it with the Blogroll from my movie star and collectibles site, Immortal Ephemera. From there I’m going to sort through some other Classic Film Sites and Blogs that I regularly visit, plus take recommendations. If I’ve included your site, either through my own doing or through a recommendation, and you don’t want it included, just drop me a note asking to be removed and it’ll be done ASAP, no hard feelings.

The Ads: The Google AdSense ads are apparently mandatory unless you pay for a Custom Search Engine starting at $100 for just 1,000 pages indexed. I did tie my own AdSense account into it, a feature they offer which doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to me, but oh well, I’ll take a few extra pennies to go towards hosting if I can get them! There’s also an ad to my eBay Store at the bottom of the page which frankly stays there only because this is my site.

Special thanks to Raquelle of Out of the Past – A Classic Film Blog for allowing me to bounce this idea off of her and for the advice received in return.

Thanks for visiting, I really hope you find it useful! Basically I’ve built this site for myself, but if you want to use it too then maybe we can grow it!

–Cliff Aliperti